Will avenge blood of Pakistan martyrs shed at border, Pakistan Army chief provokes India over Kashmir


    Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Defence Day, India, Kashmir, Imran Khan Will avenge blood of Pakistan martyrs shed at border, Pakistan Army chief provokes India over Kashmir

    The newly elected Pakistan government led by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has provoked India over the issue of Kashmir. In his address on the occasion of 53rd Defence Day celebrations held in Rawalpindi on Thursday, Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that his country will ‘avenge the blood of its soldier being shed at the border’ and vowed to give a befitting reply to those who cast an ‘evil eye’ on Islamabad.

    He said that the nation will never forget their martyrs and “our soldiers sacrificed their today for us and their blood will not go in vain”. “We will avenge the blood of Pakistan martyrs shed at border,” the Army Chief said in the presence of PM Imran Khan.

    “We have sacrificed a lot but our job is not done. The war is still ongoing. We have yet to reach the pinnacle of peace. We have to make Pakistan reach a level where no one can look at us with an evil intent,” he added.

    According to a tweet by the news agency ANI, the Army chief also made a reference to Kashmir. “In the fight for freedom, we are with Kashmir. We salute the sacrifice of the brothers and sisters of Kashmir. We will avenge blood on the outskirts,” a report in India Today quoted him as saying in a report on the defence website of Pakistan.

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    Pakistan observes September 6 as the Defence Day to mark the anniversary of 1965 war with India.

    Meanwhile, Pakistan Premier Imran Khan said that it was imperative to find a solution to the issue of Kashmir under the United States resolution for bringing lasting peace in the region.

    “Pakistan believed in peaceful coexistence and wanted to promote mutual cooperation with all its neighbours and the entire world on equal basis,” Khan said in his first message on the occasion.

    Notably, Khan had in his victory speech said that Islamabad was ready to improve ties with New Delhi and resolve all disputes, including the ‘core issue’ of Kashmir through dialogue.

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