Rahul Gandhi to join BJP, says humse na ho payega

In an incredibly dramatic move, Congress President Rahul Gandhi announced last night to party members that he would be joining the staunch rival Bharatiya Janata Party. The announcement that shook one and all in the party has come just a month before Karanataka polls and a year before the Lok Sabha elections.

Highly-placed sources close to Congress said that the move has come following the party president’s ongoing tussle with mother and former party chief Sonia Gandhi. While he was elected as the party chief last year, several party members, including veteran Sonia Gandhi, haven’t been able to accept work under his leadership.

Despite his best efforts and working for 18 hours a day, Rahul could not win the party member’s hearts, said another party veteran on condition of anonymity. “Off late, the resentment displayed by the party members had started affecting the Gandhi scion seriously. He just resigned to his fate… In my opinion it was too early to go. Though he had been considering quitting the party for quite some time, an announcement could be made only the last week,” he added.

A formal announcement is yet to be made in this regard but the young leader is touted to join the BJP under the leadership of Amit Shah. According to sources, Shah held a meeting with Rahul at the BJP headquarters that continued for over 5 hours. He could join the party as the vice-president. Both the parties could make an official announcement anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the Congress is looking to hold another round of elections for the post of the party president.

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