Do not drink tea with this 1 thing, otherwise you will be face problems lifetime

Today’s post we are going to give some important information about tea. That’s why you must read our entire article.

Friends, all Indians are very much like to drink tea. We all start our morning with a cup of tea. That is why we can say that tea has become an integral part.

But let us tell you that drinking too much tea can be harmful for you. In today’s post we are going to tell you about something that if you consume with tea, it is certain that you can have serious cancerous diseases. So let’s know what this thing is.

Well, we should stay away from any addiction, but if you smoke with tea, it can prove to be dangerous for you. If you drink beedi cigarettes with tea you may have many diseases. It can have a bad effect on your body.

Let us know that by consuming this thing for a long time you may also have a serious cancerous disease. So do not smoke cigarettes with tea.

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